Saturday, May 05, 2007

And again...I'm complaining!!

Right, as promised here I am again...I dont know what has happened to my dear friend comms operator, must be busy, ill send a reminder his way to update asap! We Miss You! lol

I'll tell you something, what a laugh you can get answering calls to the police. An elderly gentleman calls "Im sorry to bother you but I didnt know what to do, there is a loose pony", "ok sir, dont't worry, where is this pony?" "In my kitchen"!!! lol. I loved that man!

If anyone can inform me of the law that 8 year old children playing footbal in the local park is an offence ... please... I must have missed a large part of my training on that one!! Police are not going to arrest kids for that, if they wern't in the park playing a very popular game they would probably be causing damage to your fence or house and drinking in the street bus stop. Oh and and a word of advice...don't ask police to move 16year old teenagers that are drinking in the woods on the outskirts of the village, because, when we do, you will complain even more that they are on the streets causing a nuisance and complain that we have not done anything about it!!! Think before you dial, if we move them, where are they going to move to?, I can guarentee they wont stay in the house - doh!!

So I agree with my collegues at work and think that the emergency number should be changed
to one that is 20 digits long ... so its not so easy to remember and call when you are pissed!

If you want to be laughed at in the communications dept then do the following :-

1) Ring back several times on the 999 line when you have been told repeatedly that it is not an emergency you are reporting and could you please call back on the non emergency number to keep the line free for genuine emergencies, we take great pleasure in cutting you off after the second or third call if you refuse to listen to the advice given!! lol

2) Think that the fact you have recieved a text message on your mobile phone saying "u r ugly" is a priority to the police...yeah!! We have a right giggle to that one, with lots of piss taking!

3) Dont start the conversation by shouting "I want police now" in a demanding tone...think about it, what did your mummy tell you 'I want, never gets', would you like to be spoken to like that? No one is going to break their back to help you really, are they? Then when the sequel comes in that you had been assaulted we think "serves you right, rude person"and smirk.

If you call 999 all your details are given automatically by BT, you then say I want to remain dont get me wrong, I don't have a problem with this, but why not ring Crimestoppers (advertised as anonymous and freephone) where you wont even be asked for your details in the first place and then wont get upset about being asked!!

What really gets my goat (where did that saying come from?) is when you refuse to give your name only having witnessed an incident that had nothing to do with you, you dont know who is involved and are in no danger of those persons involved in finding out you have called (because if anyone does disclose your details your in for a fat sum of money in compensation under that data protection act). Police only ask for details for their own records that could possibly be very useful one day if you're in trouble and need help least then we know who you are and can hopefully get to you much quicker!

So to finish...we all applied for a job with the police to help the community and stop crime...listen to the advice you are given and remember we will help you if you let us help you!