Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunday night backshift...

Well today I was working 2pm-10pm, I got into work, checked the duties and I was call handling, no problem, a rest from the hammering I got last night on dispatch. The shift started fine, in fact there were hardly any calls in the first 3 hours at all! A few of the usual rubbish, youth nuisance blah blah blah. Then at 5pm it was the start of the baits, a few went off for their dinner. Then it started, it went loopy! The calls started coming in... kids riding around on mini motorbikes, kids playing football in the street kicking the ball off the house and cars, kids drinking down the back ally, the usual shit. Anyway, I battle through until 6pm when it as my bait time, had my sarnies, and my mate cooked a pizza, so i had a couple of slices. Police Academy was on the TV so it gave us something to laugh at during bait time.
My gripe for today was a male ringing up saying that his wife had called up an hour ago about an abondoned vehicle in the street, I checked the log, and well the time of call had shown she had only called 15 minutes ago, the bloke then started to kick off that some kids had set the car on fire and his street was ruined! He was shouting down the phone why police had not attended straight away, now... I had to keep calm, after I explained to him that we had ongoing domestics, fights in the street, burglarys, and other high priorty incidents... all that translated in his head was "we do not care about you and the car, you can expect a response some time next week". What is with the public? Why do they lie to us about things and expect what is happening is the only thing in the world that matters. Yes the Police will deal with an abondoned car... but why ring the POLICE if it has been set on FIRE! Ring the f**king Fire Brigade!
Another one... a woman ringing up whinging about some crap, and to be honest I wasn't really listening to her after she used the excuse that she didn't have much credit and want me to ring her back, look woman, we do not have time to piss around ringing you back to listen to you whinge for 20 minutes! if it's important use a phone box... or find someone with a landline! Needless to say the call was terminated.
What drives the scum of this country to go round kicking and smashing peoples wing mirrors! This seems to be a growing trend, these scumbags should have their fingers cut off one by one, its pointless criminal activity... but thats another issue I will come to another time!


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