Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sub-human Scum!

Here we go again... i'm in the snake pit! It has been a pretty quiet night tonight to be honest, other than some arse pissing around on the 999. BUT! There's this one chap! He rang up... on the normal number, giving it rock all! "You have ruined my life!" blah blah, "i'm going to go to sleep and never wake up, and its your fault!". He sounded either drunk or had taken an overdose. It took a while to get details, but he eventually gave his name. I managed to get a quick search from him, and his name turned out only 1 result on the custody system... spot on... so I had his date of birth and carried out a PNC on him, I have all his details.... EXCELLENT!. While i'm doing this he's still rabbiting on about some shit. He tells me that he has just got out of prison recently. Turns out he did 8 years for kidnap and is out on police bail for rape... charming fellow!
So I send officers round to his last known address... parents have no idea where he is... he's still on the phone... turns out he's at the other end of the UK near the sea. He gives us the town he is near... so we have to start making enq's with that force... what a carry on!
Now this has been going on for some time now... if he has taken an overdose he will be well on his way! How much time and effort has been put into this scum bag. An utter waste of space and time.
Well... all details have been passed to the other force to see if they can carry out a search of the area.
At the end of the day... this horrbile creature has quite some previous... the kidnap and rape are only brief highlights! Theres loads of other shit. Why is he wasting my time? What does he want? Why does he keep ringing? He's looking for attention, if he was going to top himself he would just do it... why bother telling us he is going to do it... because he is an attention seeking scum bag! Trying to make himself sound hard done by... he should try being one of his many victims!
Anyway, we finally got word back that this bloke had been traced, he had fixed up a hosepipe to his exhaust and was trying to poison himself, but looks like he had been failing miserbaly as he had been doing this for some time!
To sum up, hes pissed us around, wasted our time, and been taken to hospital... lets see if he gets sectioned!


Anonymous Black Rat Control said...

"Im going to set fire to myself"

Hello Mxxxxx, have you got a lighter?


Any matches?


A gas cooker?


Two sticks and a lot of spare time?

"you arn't taking me seriously are you?"

No, I didn't last night either. Look we both know you arn't going to do this, Go to bed and I'll call the Mental health team to come and see you tomorrow


Goodnight Mxxxxx

This is the conversation I had with one of our regulars a while back before she was sectioned for the Nth time.
You couldn't make it up...

1 June 2006 at 04:03  
Blogger Mystic mog said...

just found your blog - us control room types will eventually take over the world - hopefully
mystic mog

7 June 2006 at 16:23  
Blogger Mystic mog said...

Same the world over - Call to control room from "Jayne Ayre" - they are keeping me here against my will and giving me drugs. Trace tel number and ring back - "who is this please" - "Staff nurse Blogs" - We have just had a call from someone called Jayne Ayre - says you are keeping her there against her will and giving her drugs ? - "Yes" - this is the secure ward !!!
happy days
mystic mog

11 June 2006 at 02:09  
Anonymous political uniform said...

people wasting police time? misuse of the 999 system? people who don't deserve the service taking it away from people I do? well I never

21 June 2006 at 09:25  

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