Saturday, June 17, 2006

Who's ya daddy!?!?!?

Just a short one... A short while back on an afternoon I took a call from a 20-something female who claimed she had been raped a year ago... great... why did I have to answer this one! Anyway... I take all the details, she basically claims she was raped by one of her neighbours, she ended up becoming pregnant with his kid and due to her being so emotional blah blah blah its taken her a year to report it, and she had just told her partner who had urged her to contact the police to repot it... which seems legitimate... then I hear some shit head bloke mouthing off in the background... and a few bells start ringing... Anyway, one of the local officers goes round to take first contact details... Heres the best bit... turns out the bloke shouting in the backgound was her partner... he had thought it was his kid... they had a paternity test carried out and turns out the kid isn't his which is where the rape comes into it...
Sequel from the cop: Miss X stated that she had in actual fact been having an affair with her neighbour Mr Y. Miss X became pregnant with his child. She has not told her partner, Mr Z, who thought he was the father until he took a paternity test. Miss X then claimed she had been raped by her neighbour and her partner has told her to contact the police. Upon police arrival she told her partner the truth. This is NOT a rape, no offences disclosed. No further police action required.
Had i been on for the back backshift i'm sure there would have been a call to a domestic at that same address!
Please note: Rapes are horrible and nasty acts carried out by pure fuck wits, and this post is not meant to offend.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


First off! Apologies in the delay in posting, AOL has finally reconnected me!
Well... here we are... I was working the early shift this morning... in the snake pit... yes... call handling! As it goes some people due to their circumstances work day shifts only... which is fine... I dont have a problem with it... but we are contacted to have a half hour bait, but normal shift workers get an hour... why? because its pointless having a bait on a nightshift, so we are allowed an hour on the day shifts. Well... why is it these lazy fuckers get an hour when they don't do the nights? Oh it doesnt stop there... theres one who only does Monday - Friday 8-4's... now this takes the piss... usually when you come on duty... you do it between half past and quater to. SHE! does it 1 or 2 minutes to the hour! But she will still finish at 3.30 or 3.45 at the very latest... oh yeah... and she benefits from the whole 1 hour bait time! Today was good though... one of the lasses on the shift is on maternity leave... she came in today and it was nice to see her and baby... but the SHE! I mentioned before... she used this to her advantage... she ran over and was standing talking for a good half an hour while the resr of us... bearing in mind we are already understaffed... took the fucking calls! Now she doesnt work the late shifts and nightshifts for family problems... but when there is a late shift or night shift over time... for double time going... shes straight in there!
At the end of the shift this afternoon I totalled up the amount of calls she logged... and how many my colleage and I logged... by myself I logged more than double her!