Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It's been a while!

Well... it has been a very very long time since i have posted anything on here... a lot has happened in 6 months or so... we are now onto the 3rd shit pattern... from which I have been moved onto a different shift and have had the pleasure of meeting some nice new people. Christmas has come and gone... I can say that working Christmas day had to be the most boring day ever... I dispatched a total of 6 jobs... 4 of which were the same thing! (Kids on their new off road bikes... turns out by the time cops got there... they had broke them!) Theres been a few murders in the same town, been praised quite a lot for my work recently too which is always nice... I don't expect constant praise but to get appreciated is a nice thing. I'm not back to work for a week or 2. But was playing golf today with a couple of lads... needless to say I came last.
Anyway! The new shift... we have some cracking people, my supervision are mostly great, although one of them is about as much use as a water proof tea bag... he's been there longer than me... and comes over and asks for my advice on jobs... wheres the sense in that? We also have some crazy woman who looks like a witch... shes really fucking loud and annoying... and not to mention the fact she is usless... and a liability! Plus we have have the usual work horses and the lazy fuckers... but that seems to be part of the job, the management must love to employ ugly lazy bastards... who double up as being useless! Fan-fucking-tastic! Anyway... I'll have further to report once i get back next week!


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